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Lost Alibis have been around since 2013, when a series of fortuitous meetings between soon-to-be band members turned into a first jam session, and shortly thereafter a band. Based in Tokyo, the band played their first show around Shibuya in early 2014, after which they began working on their first recording.

Lost Alibis offer a carefully balanced mix of rock, pop, soul, jazzy and groovy songs, composed and written by JF and arranged collectively during rehearsals. JF, originally from Montreal, plays keys and is the lead singer; Masa and Taka, both from Tokyo, play guitar and bass respectively; finally, Glenn comes from Seattle and handles the drums. With members from three different countries, this is truly an international band.

Main songwriter JF is also the driving force behind analog electronics music project Estecho, and has led many bands in Canada before moving to Japan in 2008, notably jazz-rock group Imbroglio, psychedelic rock band Gyroscope and soul-rock project JF et les Dézérités. In Lost Alibis, he sings both in English and in his native French.

In 2015, Lost Alibis released their first recording, a six-track EP titled "The Lost Alibis EP". They are currently writing and arranging a follow-up to this mini-album, and gigging around Tokyo.